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Be Noble Community Card How-To

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

In the fall of 2021, SHOPNoble introduced a new, digital gift card program to enable local patrons and tourists to purchase a digital gift card, then shop, eat, drink, and play at a variety of participating small business locations where the community card may be redeemed.

Powered by, the Be Noble Community Card is essentially a digital Mastercard® that arrives after online purchase by email or text message to the recipient. The card bearer simply needs to present the digital card on a mobile device, or as a printed hard copy, to a participating merchant to use as payment for goods or services. The participating merchants process Be Noble Community Cards using the manual or "card not present" method, just as they would for a phone-in order or when unable to swipe or insert a physical card.

Merchant How-Tos

How to redeem the Be Noble Community Card

Maximize the value of the Be Noble Community Card

1. Place the unique Gift Card link near the top of your home page

2. Add the unique Gift Card link to your site navigation

3. Include your unique Gift Card link in all of your online marketing content to drive more sales! LINK:

4. Share the Be Noble Community Card to Facebook:

Check card balance:

Merchants may also assist card bearers wishing to know the balance remaining on their Be Noble Community Card. To do so, use the button here:

Other questions?

Find more information about Yiftee's Community Gift Card program at

Still need help?

Call the SHOPNoble team at (260) 636-3800 or email

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