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Physical gift cards now available!

Since launching the Be Noble Community Gift Card program, SHOPNoble can report that 216 e-Gift Cards have been sold, valued at over $7,500, helping people keep their dollars right here in the community!

Be Noble e-Gift Cards can be redeemed at nearly 40 Noble County-based, locally owned small businesses including retail shops, restaurants, recreational venues, personal care salons, and more!

Riding on that wave of success, SHOPNoble is excited to announce the arrival of the Be Noble Physical Community Gift Card program!

With the Be Noble Physical Gift Card option, gift-givers can how purchase a physical, pre-loaded gift card, redeemable at any small business located in Noble County that already accepts credit cards! Both options are very similar, in that each has an online portal where cards can be purchased.

Help brand new Be Noble physical gift cards - Become a $ponsor!

As we look to expand the Be Noble brand and make the Physical Gift Card even more appealing, we are seeking to partner with local businesses who would like to express their support for Noble County's small business community. If SHOPNoble can partner with one or more local sponsors, and raise $5,000 (to cover a one-time account set-up fee), we can purchase fully Be Noble-branded physical gift cards and make them available for purchase, in-person, out of the Albion offices of Be Noble Inc. and Visit Noble County. This enhances the likelihood of increased sales by eliminating the 7-10 day delivery time otherwise required. Interested? Contact us!

e-Gift Cards

With the Be Noble e-Gift Community Card option, the gift buyer may choose to a) email their gift to a recipient immediately, or b) email their to themselves, then print it out to give to the recipient. The recipient of the e-gift will be provided instructions on how to redeem the gift and may present it either electronically (an image on their mobile device showing the account details) or on paper. A list of participating locations, places they can use their gift, is published online for reference. e-gift holders can check their card's balance at any time, also online. The cost to purchase an e-gift card is minimal. Applicable fees are charged at checkout, based on the face value(s) of the card(s) purchased. There is no charge to participating merchants to redeem; the only fees paid by merchants who redeem e-Gift Cards are the same as those charged for any other credit card transaction.

Physical Gift Cards

A gift buyer may now optionally choose to purchase a physical, plastic Be Noble Community Gift Card. In this case, a physical card will be mailed by USPS within about 7-10 days. The gift recipient will present and use the card just like any other credit card for purchases from small, locally owned businesses operating in Noble County - at any small business where credit cards are accepted. (Big box stores, large chains and franchises, etc. will not be able to process these exclusively #shoplocal cards.) Buyers will be charged a flat $3.00 per card fee for the physical card, plus a small processing fee based on the face value(s) of card(s) purchased at checkout.

For more information, call Be Noble at (260) 636-3800.

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