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Sell e-gift cards online

SHOPNoble is delighted that ShopLoyal, the customer loyalty platform in which Noble County is a pilot community, has followed up the launch of ShopMainstreet (which includes our very own Noble Mainstreet), with a new e-gift card option that is FREE for participating merchants!

If your small business is not yet selling gift cards online, this is your quickest and most affordable option yet, because all fees to sell e-gift cards are passed to the consumer. No monthly or hidden fees!

What you need to do:

  1. Set up or sign into your ShopLoyal merchant dashboard.

  2. Set up or sign into your ShopMainstreet dashboard.

  3. Follow the steps in the graphic below:

Need help?

Any time you need help with ShopLoyal's programs email For local or immediate assistance, or one-on-one technical help, call Lori at (260) 636-3800.

These solutions are brought to you free while Noble County is a pilot community (through September 2022). Let's grow Noble County together!

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