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Sweeten your Valentine sales

A dozen Noble County merchants are now registered with ShopLoyal, the customer loyalty app and platform launched through a collaboration of the Kendallville Chamber of Commerce and SHOPNoble last year. As we approach Valentine's Day, these platforms offer a great (and free) opportunity to to boost your sales! Let's build the momentum!

If you are interested in joining other local small businesses to continue developing the SHOPNoble community and capitalize on these platforms, we want to help. Maybe timing was not ideal to get on board with ShopLoyal over the holidays. We get it, but....

Now we want to PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE the importance of shopping local via the ShopLoyal app and Noble Mainstreet on ShopMainstreet, the companion platform. We'd really like you to join us for the ride!

If interested, please reach out to Lori Gagen ( at the Noble County EDC or Kristen Johnson ( at the Kendallville Chamber of Commerce to request some one-on-one time to help you register or enhance your use of ShopLoyal, or to take the next step to selling online on Noble Mainstreet. We can use Valentine's Day as an ideal promotion to get started!

More about ShopLoyal & ShopMainstreet

As a pilot partner in ShopLoyal, this platform remains free for Noble County's small businesses and delivers an easy-to-use dashboard to build your customer base to communicate announcements, special offers, new arrivals, and more exclusively to your most loyal customers. All they need to do is download the free mobile app and become your "insider" (we'll provide materials to help you invite them).

ShopLoyal helps you build customer loyalty by providing a way to communicate directly to your insiders by a push notification to their mobile device. You can create exclusive offers for VIPs and have private one-on-one message threads, too. As Facebook continues to change algorithms, getting your posts there, in front of your customers, only becomes more difficult. Don't miss the chance to make sure your most important customers are informed of what's going on in your business. Use ShopLoyal!

Just before Christmas, ShopLoyal also launched ShopMainstreet, enabling us to create Noble Mainstreet - an exclusive e-Commerce community for Noble County's small businesses. ShopMainstreet is completely free, as a pilot partner, and enables you to sell up to 10 items online. Call us for more information. Lori may be reached at (260) 636-3800, or call Kristen at (260) 347-1554.

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