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Your business: Open In Indiana

SHOPNoble is excited to be a "community partner" with Open In Indiana, a website dedicated to promoting people, places, and events across Indiana. Open In Indiana shares our mission to help consumers "shop local" and offers a directory featuring businesses statewide!

What this means for you:

Because SHOPNoble is now a Local Connector member of Open In Indiana, every business that was participating in the SHOPNoble directory as of February 12, 2021 was automatically added to Open In Indiana and received a Forever Free Membership that includes:

  • Member Profile

  • Basic Business Listing

  • Single Event Listing

  • Access to Speaker & Webinar recordings (30 days after they occur)

  • Digital Member Badge

Businesses that were not in SHOPNoble when this partnership was formed may also opt in to a Forever Free Membership, but will need to create their business from scratch (an easy process to complete).

Every Open In Indiana member is also eligible to upgrade their membership, which is totally optional. Upgraded memberships offer more options for promotional opportunities and real-time access to speaker and webinar events designed to help businesses sustain and grow.

To claim and manage a business profile on Open in Indiana, watch this "onboarding" video, provided courtesy of Open in Indiana:

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