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Google Analytics for beginners

Would it be helpful for you to know, after investing into the development of a website for your business:

  • How many people are finding your site?

  • How long are they spending on your site?

  • Which pages do they spend time on?

  • Are they viewing your site on a desktop computer or their phone?

  • How are they finding your site?

  • Where are those visitors from / located?

  • What days and times do they come to your site?

  • How old are your site visitors?

  • Are your site visitors male or female?

Answers to these and many other questions are made easily available to you through Google Analytics, once you set up your free account and add your site.

While Google Analytics is also a tool that can be much more robust than what is described above for analyzing your web traffic, even knowing some very basic things about site engagement can be powerful and drive decisions about how and when to enhance your digital marketing efforts.

Learn more and get started by registering for Google Analytics for Beginners - a free resource to help you enhance your marketing efforts and grow your business!

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