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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Introducing the Be Noble Card

Now available, the Be Noble Card is a community e-gift card that makes a perfect gift for employees, vendors, family, and friends this Christmas and all year long!

Unlike other gift cards, the Be Noble Card allows the recipient of your gift to eat, shop, play, and enjoy services from one or all of many of Noble County's most popular locally owned small businesses, including restaurants, breweries, retailers, health and wellness, and entertainment!

This digital Mastercard may be used one, or multiples times, until the balance is used up. Participating businesses accept it just as they would any other credit card for products and services, and the list is quickly growing. At launch, nearly 20 businesses have already joined.

Great option for employers

Employers and others looking to buy a large quantity of gifts ($1,.000 or more) will love the discounts and other options available with the Be Noble Card. SHOPNoble (a program of the Noble County Economic Development) is here to help those looking to make a larger purchase take advantage of discounts and customized services including branding, dashboard, print and/or email options for giving.

Purchases of $1,000 or more are also eligible to set expiration dates on e-gift cards and receive back unused funds not used by expiration. Call SHOPNoble at (260) 636-3800 to explore.

More about the program:

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