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The results of a recent survey of small businesses nationwide, conducted by Main Street America, prompt SHOPNoble to remind Noble County's small businesses that we are here to help - not just through this pandemic, but long-term.

SHOPNoble, launched by the Noble County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) with the support of the county's five Chambers of Commerce and Visit Noble County provides a brand and platform to promote and enable people to "shop local". SHOPNoble is also Noble County's small business partner, here to provide free business resources and advice, especially for sole proprietors, retailers, contractors and others who might lack the support staff that could help elevate a business.

Funding Needs

By now we believe most of Noble County's businesses are aware of the federal funding programs available (Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and others) to help cover losses of revenue and added expenses suffered due to COVID-19. We encourage local small businesses, especially those with six or more employees, to look into the PPP because, at last check, $126 billion was still available for distribution. PPP is meant to help keep employees on payroll. While these federal Small Business Administration programs might not extend sustainability significantly, according to survey respondents, the funds nonetheless decrease the financial burden for millions of families.

The Noble County EDC is also committed to helping small businesses not only sustain, but become stronger in the months and years ahead. That commitment led to the successful establishment of the Noble County COVID-19 Relief Micro-Grants program.

Over $95,000 in Community Development Block Grant funding has been secured to help local small businesses. Grants, expected to average about $1,250 (however, application amounts are not limited) per applicant, are intended to help for-profit establishments with 0-25 employees cover revenue losses. Applying is much less complicated than most federal programs and staff is available locally, in Albion, to work one-on-one through the process at the EDC office, your location, by phone and/or by email. Email Tara today at or find eligibility details and application forms online by clicking on the link above.

Get Back to Work Safely

The Main Street survey also reveals that many small businesses have struggled with what is needed to reopen safely in the midst of the pandemic. In response, the EDC is happy to share free Healthy Reopening resources that have been compiled through collaborations across northeast Indiana. Follow the link to find free videos, slides and more links, including a list of local sources for personal protective equipment (PPE), and more. Most importantly, if you have specific questions, let us know! If we lack an immediate answer we have staff available to research and find what you need.

The bottom line is this:

SHOPNoble is here to help! We want every small business in the county to participate in our free shop local directory. These services are free. We care about the success of local businesses because we live and work here, too. The choice to reach out and participate in SHOPNoble is really a choice to enable your neighbors and customers a way to invest in your business to enhance their quality of life.

Thanks for the opportunity to help make Noble County a great place to live, work and play!

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