Get "Insider" benefits!

SHOPNoble recently announced a new service to help local consumers who value the opportunity to shop local connect to the local small businesses they love. Now, the list of participating small businesses is growing so it's time for you to become their "insiders"!

ShopLoyal is a free mobile app. Once you have it, you can become an "insider" to favorite local small businesses and be the first to hear from them with announcements, exclusive offers, and more. You'll also be able to directly message with businesses.

A growing number of Noble County's small businesses are joining the ShopLoyal community. They look forward to you participating, too, to help build a strong local economy more resilient than ever!

Download the free ShopLoyal app today!

Don't see the businesses you support most? Tell them to sign up! SHOPNoble can help them get connected. Once you have the app, check it often for new businesses as they join. Have questions? Let us know. Call us at (260) 636-3800 or drop an email to

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