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Bales Technology LLC

(260) 302-1300

Computer Repair, Help Desk, IT Services

What to know:

You may ask yourself, what does Bales Technology do? Well, have you heard of the Geek Squad? If so, we are like having your very own Geek Squad right in your neighborhood. We offer reliable, local, personable Computer Repair within the Northern Indiana area serving both residential and business customers with proactive service in mind to ensure customers receive the most efficient performance out of their equipment. Offering Help Desk services, Managed IT Services, Email support, Antivirus solutions with monitoring, 24/7 device monitoring, remote support, backup solutions, virus removal, hardware upgrades, and more. Contact Us today to find out how Bales Technology can help you with your technology needs!

Bales Technology LLC

Hours of operation:

Monday - Friday
8 AM - 5 PM

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